Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fevers and Fall

Fall has come in spades, its been cold here, and I am still trying to figure out how to dress for it (still stuck in SF mentality). One key piece of the dressing correctly is that I am anxiously (understatement) waiting for Matt & Nat to deliver their wonderful Trinity boots to Moo Shoes, which would help enlarge my wardrobe choices. Enough about that.

So its fall, and the work on the pieces for the Roshambo show have reached a fevered pitch. The felted balls keep multiplying (I will post a photo a little later). I am having back, hand and shoulder pains from the work. I also ordered some plexi to do sandwich frames for the eccentric drawings.

I am also looking forward to visiting the Affordable Art Fair and checking out some of the following galleries at the fair: Julie Baker Fine Art, George Billis (he shows my friends Josh Dorman and Carol Es), Gallery 16, Jennifer Kostiuk, Joie Lassiter, The Lola Gallery (why did you email me and then never write back?), PDX, Pentimenti, Rudolph Projects, Andrea Schwartz, Steven Wolf, and Yoo Projects (who show some of my favorites, like Chris Natrop - fabulous intricate paper cuttings, Susannah Bettag - lucious candy colored thickly resined imagery of sadness and play, and Andrew Schoultz - my favorite muralist, reachly detailed images of nature and culture gone awry).

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