Monday, June 12, 2006

Buy My Art!

I've been pretty well holed up in the studio, working on the drawing series since I want to have it finished by the end of June. I was playing with different layer bonding techniques (finally decided on Mod Podge for paper), by making small samples of the triple layers of the pieces. I also decided I wanted to donate a piece to the Nurture Art gala, and wanted to send something new. So I spent countless hours drawing and cutting and layering.

All the artworks at the gala are priced at $150, and that for my work, and many others, is a steal! Plus it benefits a great organization that provides opportunities for artists, curators and educators.

The event is tonight, June 12 at Cue Art Foundation in Chelsea. For more information... Go out and see the art and buy the art. Plus I won't be able to attend since we are getting our new puppy tonight!

I did get out and see a little bit in the art world over the weekend. Artist's Space has an interesting show on location and how our urban environment defines our identity. Really beautiful work by Jihyun Park at Art in General, I just hope they burn the thing (upside down) at the end of the show because that would be really fascinating. Also popped over to Kentler International Drawing Space for a curators talk - which reminded me that artists should be seen and not heard. Dropped in on a few shows in Williamsburg also, wanted to see the KBP show, but didn't get there. Some really engulfing work at Pierogi right now by Reed Anderson.

Sorry the post is soooo short, I have been really busy lately and even have to run now, will be around more over the next couple of days so maybe I will have some things to say while the puppy is napping.

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