Thursday, November 30, 2006

Latest updates

I still need to post the application that went to NYFA - it's the most precise and concise project proposal yet. Thats because I had a little help. I can't tell you how much you can get from having someone objective read over and give feedback. It makes such a huge difference! If only I had done it sooner, I think the other apps would have been stronger. Still, I am moving forward. I did hear from LMCC yesterday that I didn't get funding from them, but I will be asking for the feedback from the panel. Did you know that you can do that? I didn't until I heard it at one of our PDP workshops. I always assumed (silly me) that it was a closed door situation. But actually no, you can always ask for the panel feedback on an application - not everyone will give it to you, but for the few that do it can be invaluable. LMCC offered it before I even had a chance to ask! I am bummed not to get funding from them - it was a good sized chunk, and they would be such a great organization with whom to work. I will certainly pursue other opportunities with them.

I am working on the letters of intent at this point. After learning about writing an in-depth project proposal for the application, it can be hard to then scale it back and really approach the sales pitch in a shorter format. I still have to get the idea across, and explain why I am appropriate for the project, but in a lot fewer words.

By the way - anyone have any comments of the notorious globally warmed weather we are having in NYC? Did you also notice the extraordinarily high Air Quality Index of the past few days. When I first moved to NYC (the first time - 13 years ago) the air here was pretty good. Most of our pollution blew into New Jersey or off to the sea. It didn't really hang around the island. Now with so many wealthy people living in Manhattan and even Brooklyn, there are a LOT more cars on the road (notice that?) with the increased traffic we have increased smog - thats why breathing in NYC is equivalent to smoking a pack a day.

Image at top: Woman planting flowers in New York's Union Square Park on the first Earth Day. (©Bettmann/Corbis. off the Pollution Issues website.)

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