Friday, April 11, 2008

Artists Pivotal in Art World

I was scheduled to participate in the show "EcoAeshtetics" at <>Tag in The Hague. As I mentioned, they invited me to do a project which would activate people in the streets and were interested in flying me out to create a citywalk next weekend. I wasn't interested in the ecological footprint of the flight, so had developed and entirely new and exciting project, Insert ___ Here, which would require them to do the printing of the materials and organize the citywalk and uploading of images. I had also allowed them to (if they wanted) recruit some local designers to work on the remediation images.

Today it was canceled due to their very busy schedules.

I am sad about that, but it also brings into stark reality something I have talked about before (I don't mean to disparage <>Tag at all, they were very supportive of the artists in the show - offereing airfares, stipends, etc, so please don't think I am speaking badly of their decision), the role of the artist as the hardest working in the art world. Without me producing the materials, flying out to lead the walk, managing the upload of images, searching out designers and managing their work and reposting of all of the images, well, the work just doesn't get done. This on top of already thinking through the idea, writing text, designing signs, creating a website, researching materials... As so often happens, the artist not only must create the work, but also do all the work to get it shown. Often without a living wage renumeration. This while all the other people who work in the gallery system are getting paid either a stable salary or an hourly wage which covers all their time.

Not to worry though, Insert ____ Here is launching next week with the help of PS58 in Brooklyn (check out the kids blog on climate change - Little Grassroots!) and will be at the Sustainable South Bronx Block Party on May 17th. If you are interested in getting a group together to do "Insert ____ Here" in your city, email me at eve at insert-here dot org!

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