Monday, April 03, 2006


We moved this weekend (check out the new neighborhood at, and it has been quite a long process. We signed the lease over a month ago, and were completely packed and ready to go a week before our move date. Part of what that means is that my mind has been focused on other things, and part is that the projects i have been working on are packed away until we get things sorted out. I am very much in the habit of working on the large drawings on and off throughout the day - for what works out to a couple of hours a day. I am not surprised then to find that not having them to work on is, well uncomfortable. Like that itch you can't reach. I have plenty of things to keep me busy, including clearing up enough space to work on them, but i am having trouble doing that because i would rather just work on them. It's an odd catch 22, but i suppose not such a bad one to have.
I worked on some submissions prior to the move, including one for creating organic interventions throughout the city and subway (think fungi in those end windows of the L train cars).
I hope to have things in order by this weekend, and will be putting together the large drawings (decided to use soft gel medium instead of latex - at least until i change my mind again) which i will post images of as well.
Given that we also have more wall space in the new apartment, i am planning to hang more of my work (including myth and ambition) and i am excited about doing some wall drawings with the new water solubale graphite pencils.

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