Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Careening into the deadline

The deadlines for the grants are coming up early next week. My plan is to get both of them out of my hands (one via mail, one via web) on Friday of this week. That way I can spend the weekend in a sort of stupor. That and I can eagerly get back to doing some studio work. (Something very manual that doesn't require a lot of brain activity).

I spent last Saturday running around with a very suspicious looking tube and a jug of water and l.e.d. flashlight. It got me some strange looks, and some gorgeous photos. I also have completed the first draft of the applications (there are actually three different applications), and hope to get those off for review this afternoon. I also got my images off to the awesome guys at GammaTech, where they turn around slides from digital images in lightning fast speed. Will have the slides in my hands by tonight.

I continued the outreach, emailing notes to Two Trees Developers, Salt Marsh Alliance, Battery Park Conservancy, Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment, Neighborhood Open Space Coalition among others. Haven't heard from any of them. On a bit of a whim, I emailed Ben Jervey - the guy who wrote Big Green Apple (my guidebook for living in the city), and he forwarded my information on to Solar One! What a great guy! I have a meeting with them on Thursday and hope to get them on board in any way they might be interested.

I also contacted the Public Art Coordinator at NYC Parks, who was very nice and responded right away with the information that since my installation would be under 2 weeks, I have to apply for a special event permit and that goes through the borough offices. I will have to wait and apply for those when I have a timeline.

Finally, have applied for general liability insurance so that I can get a quote back on that.

Will post the project descriptions next (one for Lower Manhattan and one for Brooklyn).

Links coming soon, gotta go to work!

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