Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Community Art Project: From Idea to Reality

No, the post below isn't real (will be one day though!), it's just a tool I use for thinking and writing about my work or a specific project. By writing a "newspaper report " I am forced to do a couple of things which are useful: 1) describe what the work looks like 2) explain the concept of the work in plain English 3) come up with key words and phrases about the project which are catchy. In doing these exercises (which may vary in their level of success) I can develop an objective description of the work.So why did I post that and why am I telling you this?I am deep in the process of making the work "A Sea Change" a reality, and the process can be very involved and time consuming, but also maybe interesting. Given that and the crazy schedule I have, random thoughts on art and going to galleries doesn't really look possible, so instead I thought I would take you along for the magic carpet ride that is community art.Here's what I have done so far:
  • first draft of a project proposal (I will post it shortly)
  • attended the seminar for Brooklyn Arts Council grants
  • met with a BAC representative (we spent an hour and a half reviewing the proposal and budget)
  • met with Creative Time representatives through their Open Door program - a question asking opportunity
  • identified a few community/environmental groups as potential partners (need more if anyone has any suggestions)
  • preliminary quotes on fabrication
  • initial research on lighting options
  • mapping of Brooklyn topo line
  • initial background research
And here's what is coming up this week:
  • LMCC seminar
  • initial contact letter to orgs, gather census data for neighborhoods
  • send proposal to editors (friends good at writing)
  • new estimate for fabrication with recycled materials
  • initial draft of BAC application
  • select images for use in proposal
  • build mock up for photographing.
Sounds easy right?

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