Thursday, January 05, 2006

Cleaning house

Right now I am over multi-tasking. I am working on fixing the digital images for my January submissions, knitting a scarf for a friend (belated christmas gift) and listening to WNYC. The digital images look pretty good thanks to my friend Peter, and I am so thrilled about galleries encouraging digital submissions. (More on that another time). The scarf is a pretty simple striped one with the lovely non-itchy merino wool from Morehouse yarns, certainly not along the lines of the stuff on You Knit What.

And the interview with Anna Marie Cox , of Wonkette fame, reminded me that I should update my links. So I am going to do that, and talk a bit about the links themselves...
First the blogs I read. It seems like a lot, but most of the postings are short and I can get through them while drinking a mug of green tea in the morning.
A Daily Dose of Architecture - a little taste of what is up in the world of architecture. Just because I didn't do anything with the degree, doesn't mean I'm not interested.
About Last Night - Terry Teachout's blog on ArtsJournal about the arts, mostly theater, but sometimes more.
Apartment Therapy - Things to improve your living space, especially a small one. I may not actually do anything, but its nice to imagine it. (Which leads to the idea of moving ugh again).
Art MoCo - Yummy an artist everyday. Sometimes great work, sometimes not at all interesting but art in the morning is always a good thing. - mostly LA stuff, but an interesting read from a gallery owner
ArtCal - whats showing and opening around NYC, I really love this blog and use it to make my lists of what to see
Artopia - John Perrault talks about art on ArtsJournal, longer posts than most, but less frequent and engaging discussions on contemporary arts
BBC News Arts & Entertainment - I subscribe for the arts information, but also find out such juicy tidbits as Nick Nolte is finally off probation (remember this photo?)
bloggy - the personal blog by Barry Hoggard 1/2 of the team that brings me ArtCAl
CHOW - recipes straight to my inbox woohoo!
From the Floor - Opinions on art and art shows. From Todd Gibson, who seems to travel a lot! I like his insight and thoughtfulness.
Gothamist - All things NYC! - James Wagner, the other 1/2 of the ArtCal team, talks about art and other things
Modern Art Notes - Tyler Green on art on ArtsJournal, interesting notes on art and the art world. (He talks about art, artists, critics, curators, museums, galleries, etc)
Modern Kicks - art and life
NewYorkology - more about NYC!
NYT Arts - been thinking about disconnecting this one. Sometimes a good read, but more often than not just interstitial advertising which I won't bother to click past.
Thinking About Art - J.T. Kirkland's blog. An artist and tech worker in D.C. I really enjoy his blogs because we agree on a lot of things :) He has also created the fascinating "Artists interview Artists"
Treehugger - for the greenie in me
Village Voice Arts - mostly funny, sometimes insightful or controversial
Village Voice NYCLife - yeh, more nyc
Words to Eat By - The blog of a foodie in Williamsburg, keys me into yummy places
You Knit What?? - my laugh out loud blog

Whew thats a lot of reading! But since I am interested in all of it, it doesn't seem to take any time at all (of course its noon and I am still in my pjs).

And now for the links:

Michele Kong
- a great artist working with a huge variety of materials to create organic (she hates this term) works.
Yuko Oda - works with synthetic materials to create natural forms (synthetic naturalist yes?)
Wendy Testu - an installation artist working to address ecological disasters and environmental inequality
Amy Rathbone - delicate and intricate works. She has a show coming up at Prishka C. Juschka absolutely go see this show!
Chris Natrop - filigree finery and fussiness
Claudia Aranovich - a provocative artist working with interesting mixing of media and materials
Maria Luisa Tadei - dreamlike sculptures and environments
Karen Carlo Salinger - creating funky creatures that are attractive and a little off putting
Cheryl Coon - taking day to day monotony and examining that through visual creations
Beth Galston - environmental arts and synthetic naturalism
Rebecca Niederlander - quirky environments, sci-fi? fairy? toxic?
Ellen George - I love her tender resin pieces, candy colored and infinitely and intimately tactile
Bean Finneran - kooky spikey geometrics.
Joy Hought - fungal growths made of ceramics in warm earth tones and the rainbows of undersea creatures
Sarah Bostwick - mapping the world and our urban landscape in a minimalist way.
Josh Dorman - wild visions of the world, a collison of chaos and order
Susannah Bettag - combining slick candy colored childlike imagery with shocking visuals evoking despair and discomfort
Carol Es - tactility and femininity treated with a wry and deft hand
Sky Kim - organic intense drawings

There are of course many "big name" artists who I love, but don't include on this list (Magdalena Abakanowicz, Bill Viola, Judy Pfaff, Sarah Sze, etc) but I prefer to point out artists that may not be widely known. Have fun, and click away, I would be thrilled to know that I might have turned you on to a yet unknown artist... (and I will go get dressed now).

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