Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This one is for the dogs...

Happy Lunar New Year!

I am pretty sure the fact that it is the year of the dog means good things for everyone. It should be a year of loyalty, undying love and happiness and determination in the face of obstacles. Dogs always amaze me. They can be blind, deaf, three-legged, whatever and still have the most optimistic outlook. So I am going to try that!

I will have to start with getting over the fact that Smack Mellon chose someone else's cardboard tree fungi and mold than mine. Hope to go see the show this weekend.

I will try to have patience with galleries that still request slides. (Little rant here) although I don't really know what the hold up is. LMCC *requires* that you submit a cd of images, and even better, Art in General's commission submissions are *entirely* online. Hooray for progress! It is so expensive to get slides reproduced (especially if you want them done well!) and re-labelling them for each submission that has different requirements is a HUGE pain in the butt. So there.

I will work doggedly (get it!) to get through the soma series. (I just finished the second circles dwg and am halfway through the 3rd lines dwg). (And yes, those are my 'work shoes' in the picture).

I will read all the things I have been meaning to read and comment on, especially the article on art as eco-activism.

I will do an awesome job curating the shows I am curating. One (co-curating) is an international show of work dealing with women's issues and points of view, the other is the show I have wanted to put together for a while on the synthetic naturalists. If you know any work that would fit in either category, let me know the artist by leaving a comment.

I will find a sunny apartment for my cat :).

Hope everyone has a succesful and joyous year of the dog!

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