Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Thinking about a career change

I've always been enamored of design projects. I am an avid reader of Apartment Therapy, and I love the work of J Prichard and her delicious and intriguing organic installations that are frequently used as interior design. I enjoy well crafted and funky jewelry design like this.

So it was no surprise when at dinner recently, my friend K-Rocket suggested that I create works that were more design focused. "Heck," she said, "you ought to study architecture!" That got a laugh when I pointed out that, um, I did as an undergrad... (She said that explained a lot in my work).

So imagine my surprise (eat your heart out Pierson/Doonan!) when I saw a RUG (yes rug) in the ABC Carpets window that looked suspiciously like a felt project I had been wanting to do! (But hadn't yet of course). It was inspired by the funny little tubes that grow out of the base of a palm tree. I will upload a picture of the sketch when I find my sketch books (yeh, they are still packed). But I gotta say, its a cool rug!

Funny how often similar strains of thought occur during the same time period. I am especially not surprised given our current culture of information sharing and globalization.

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