Wednesday, December 06, 2006

notes on progress

You know how I mentioned how important it is to have someone objective looking at grant applications? It also pays to have someone incredibly smart, creative and passionate.

I was honestly feeling a bit burnt on the project, but this woman has the amazing power to re-invigorate me, put the passion back in the project, and here's the kicker, help of understand the project in new and different ways. Today we were working on a letter of intent for a fumeds that doesn't normally fund art projects. They will consider an art project that meets their criteria, which includes a transformative project for the person undertaking it and it should have an affect on people's lives.

We talked about what the physical act of drawing the line will be. I had certainly thought about this, but hadn't investigated in depth how transformative that act will be. I will be out on the street laying down this blue line on the street and through people's neighborhoods. I will get the full range of responses, from full support, to surprise, to passing interest, to annoyance and even anger.

The really beautiful thing, in my opinion, is the potential for these one on one reactions and that very range of emotions. How much more powerful is a message when it is part of a one on one conversation. A key word in that sentence is conversation. I don't expect to go out and deliver a message (that would be awfully conceited). I hope to be able to talk to people, to hear their stories and experiences and to find a common ground.

Undoubtedly this will be a transformative project for me.

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