Friday, October 07, 2005

Works in Progress

So...this is my first blog entry. I have thought about doing it for a while, but, well things get in the way. So what I propose to do is use this for posting images of works and progress, as well as discuss my own work (as it develops and shows, feedback, etc). I will also use this as a forum for free form thinking, venting, ranting, complimenting, praising, whatever on the arts in general, and shows that I see, artists I like etc.
Today I am working on pieces for the Roshambo show. Thats a lot of wet felting (my hands are hating this) and tedious nylon thread wrapping of copper wire. But I am pretty happy with how things are looking. It does make me want to do LOTS more pieces with the little felt balls. Anyone want to be a sculptors assistant? Today is also the reception at RPS Collective in Oakland. Unfortunately I am in brooklyn, so hopefully some west coast friends will go see it, and enjoy the fun that is RPS openings.
Later I am going to see some of the Chelsea shows, I am acquainted with the curator of the show "New Found Land" at Priska C. Juschka which has gotten a lot of great press. It also has Amy Rathbone in it, and I love her work.
Hopefully I will work out the lack of digital camera so that I can post some images of the stuff I am working on. Donations always welcome.

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