Saturday, October 15, 2005

The writing on the wall

Caught the Creative Time showing of Jenny Holzer's work on the Public Library. It was dreary and raining, but interesting to just "happen" upon the work. They had a big truck with a projector in the back of it pointed on the library facade. They kept futzing with it making it jump up and down on the library, and the text movement wasn't as smooth as I think it was supposed to be. (The trouble with work relying on technology). There are some nice pictures of the work on Jenny Holzer's site. It works best straight on.
She also projected on other sites around the city (Rockefeller Center and NYU) and the text were poetry and declassified US government documents. All I could read on this was "You're talking politics even when you don't..."
I am glad to have Creative Time putting it all out there "in our faces" as it were.

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