Monday, January 08, 2007

hope springs eternal

Yes, even I will admit that the 70+ weather on Saturday was, in its own absurd way, beautiful. But I couldn't help that it just kept making me mad.It makes me mad that we are seeing, feeling, acknowledging (by we I mean a bigger we than just you an I) climate change, and yet, we are doing so little about it! Mayor Bloomberg, despite his 2030 plan, is still hemming and hawing about congestion pricing (just enact it already!) and refuses to embrace pedestrians, bicycles and mass transit (that includes BRT) as the most important factors in urban planning.
We are experiencing truly bizarre weather around the world, and still the US government refuses to think long term about the auto industry (and standards) the building industry (and standards) and travel and commerce (and standards).
I am also mad that we have given climate change such a misnomer as 'global warming' that almost sounds, well, pleasant. I even overheard on a BBC report some clueless woman (feet on the street kind of thing) talking about how nice it will be for it to be warmer year round, "we all like warm weather" she opines. (I for one actually prefer colder weather). How insane is that? Can we please change the name to something more realistic? I don't know, something like "global ecological disaster" seems to cover it. And as a side note.

Besides that, I think 2007 is going to rock!

Coming soon, more art stuff - like how to write a winning grant proposal! :)

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