Tuesday, January 23, 2007

seriously? no? seriously?

I know I promised some tips for writing grants to come soon, but things keep happening with the Sea Change project, including a potential name change. I will let you know the details when it gets more fully worked out.
This week g-pup and I were supposed to be flying over to Edinburgh to see some family, but I got hit with that awful cold/flu thing that has been flying around. So there is no way I am getting on a plane with any kind of sinus sickness. (I've done it twice before, it is really not a good idea). So instead I am home working on more of the project needs.
I continue to apply for funding, getting the Greenwall & Jerome Foundation applications together. I am rewriting the application to refocus on the performance aspect of me putting down the chalk line and talking to people one on one about climate change (since thats where the real power is right?) I am also contacting and scheduling meeting with the community boards through which I will be creating the project, its important to get them interested in the project and will help drive interest, understanding and permits.
Am I making any sense at all? My heads a little stuffy.
It all feels like it is moving both quickly and slowly at the same time. I have some really amazing support from all of the fantastic people at Solar One. I have also made some new friends along the way with whom I am trying to create some supportive relationships. I am really looking forward to making this project happen. It is going to be such a fantastic experience. Don't get me wrong - I don't expect it to be all sunshine and daisies (I can't think of the phrase). I know there will be long, hot, lonely days out there. I know there will be discussions with skeptics. I know there will be angry people. But I also hope to interest people who might not be thinking about climate change. Maybe I will influence someone to make a difference in their life, or a difference in many lives. I am really looking forward to meeting all the different people out in the different communities.
Anyway, this is mostly the ramblings of a sinus-y sick person with a stuffy head.

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